What to expect

We offer a personalised service, and will help you adapt your dietary habits as required. Initial appointments are an hour long, and will involve us taking a detailed dietary and medical history. We will also ask you questions about your lifestyle, behaviours and the stressors that have an impact on your eating habits. We will interpret any blood tests that you have had recently. We will then explain the reasons behind any dietary changes that you might need to make, and, together with our input, will begin to show you how to make adjustments to your diet and draw up a meal plan.

Follow-up appointments are 20-30 minutes long, and involve assessing your progress and helping you to make additional changes. We place a lot of emphasis on helping you to make sustainable, realistic and long-term changes. Depending upon the nature of your problem, you may need only 1 or 2 follow-up visits, or you may require regular follow up for an extended period of time. We can do telephonic or email consultations for clients who are not able to see us in our rooms.

We are available to offer support and advice for corporate wellness days, and also consult to companies, offering input regarding labelling legislation, product development, nutritional analysis of products and meal and menu planning.